A Hermetic Compendium of Typographic Masonry

Richard Niessen (Niessen & de Vries)
A Hermetic Compendium of Typographic Masonry

Richard Niessen
texts Tony Côme


Graphisme: Richard Niessen (Niessen & de Vries)
Éditions: Franciscopolis Éditions
Distribution: Les Presses du Réel
Production: Creative Industries Fund NL, Université du Havre ╳Bibliothèque Universitaire╳ ainsi que de l’ARC ╳Création Éditoriale╳ de l’École supérieure d’art de Cambrai (Ésac – Cambrai)
Isbn: 9782954420868
Format: 320mm × 220mm

For Dutch graphic designer Richard Niessen, the poster is a favourite means of expression. Posters don’t simply hang on walls – they can be piled up, cut out, turned around, or used as way finders or board games. Niessen freely constructs and deconstructs the visual environments, functions and codes inherent to the medium. This compendium of screen-printed posters not only reflects his work, but can be seen as a set of clues to unravel his universe.
The interplay of the selected works forms three constellations of sign, symbol and ornament. According to the introduction by Tony Côme, “Language is a building game whose blocks Richard Niessen keeps trying to reinvent.”